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How SUN IT Hub Participated in Google Hash Code 2020 Competition

The Head of Computer and Information Science and facilitator of the SUN Student’s Hub, Dr. Ahmed Haruna, explained how the university’s student’s hub participated in the Google Hash Code 2020 competition. “Google Hash Code is a Programmeming competition. You get a task from Google, along with a few input files where you are expected to solve the problem in four (4) hours”, he stated.

He added that student’s participation in the competition will help them learn new things, and get familiar with new tools and methods. “We are optimistic about seeing this Hub grow, compete with other Hash Coders, and stay up-to-date on all the latest Hash Code buzz”, Dr. Ahmed stated.

Dr. Ahmed explained further the steps taken to participate in the competition thus, “In Nigeria, the timing of Google Hash Code competition was 20th February 2020 at 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm, so we had to find out the availability of the participants, venue decorations, wifi, food and security, and the most tasking, was getting permission for a night event at the university’s campus, as well as getting the Media team of the university to stay back and help with all the branding and printing out the Google printable kit for decorations and participants card”.

A fresher student who participated in the competition, Ahmed Mohammed Haway, said that the competition was interesting and humbling because it was a platform for him to learn more about coding from an international perspective. “being selected as a participant was a very great experience”, he added.

Other members of the SUN IT Hub participants in the Google Hash Code 2020 Competition includes Abdullah Ibrahim, Nazir Safiyan Salis, Mubasheer M. Naseer, Abdussamad Idris, Khalil Kabir, Abdaul Dangongola, Abdallah Khaleel, Abubakar Umar, Ahmad Ibrahim Fari, Suleiman Rabiu, Al-Mustapha Mustapha Nasidi, Shehu Awwal, Ishaq Lawal and Hassan Yahaya Gawuna.

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