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How to Choose a Career Opportunity

Many of today’s youth watch their favorite celebrities or professionals on TV and think, “I want to do that after my university degree.” And while there are a select few who may go on to achieve fame and fortune, the vast majority need a reality check.
If you are already thinking of having prior skill-knowledge – knowledge acquired as a university student, which could help you identify significant career opportunities, you may already be part of the many few.
Career opportunities aren’t found in clubs. University is a great place for startups due to the time and support available. Starting or growing anything takes time and effort. This means sacrifice.
You’ve started a degree course already and maybe you put in your admission to study Accounting and was given Mass Communication. You are not totally off track yet. There are so many options for career empowerment to choose from. Here are four IT options that can help you.

  • Graphics Design

Graphics Design has taken a center stage in the creation of website designs, banners, flyers, logos, business cards, brochures and other social media promotional materials. Hence, a prior knowledge of the skill is required. However, where the skill is not available, it’s important to acquire it. Starting small by helping out in business centers in your campus is a good head start.

  • Digital Marketing

Your school may not have IT University courses but Digital marketing is a form of advertising on social media and anyone can learn it with the right motivation. People with large following on social media use this medium to reach out and advertise products and services of contracting companies. This is a cool career prospects because you can be contracted/employed by a company to market or promote their products.

  • Web design

Most of the web designers today never actually studied web designs in their university days. They acquire the knowledge over time. It doesn’t really matter if your university course is Mass Communication. Considering a career in Web design has huge benefits and also pays heavily. If you are not already skilled in this area, you can sacrifice sometime to learn it.

  • Blogging

Undergraduate years is the best time to start a blog of your own because of exposure to different forms of innovation and creativity in the use of internet and social media. Instead of spending time on Facebook, or chatting on WhatsApp, you can work on your blog. Blogging is a very good business for students to launch themselves to fame and stardom. All that is needed is a laptop/phone and internet.
Finally, whether you’re confused about which career paths to pursue or what’s even available after your university admission, you don’t have to go at it alone. Start with your parents, talk to the right people in your university, sometimes called ‘the career and employability service’ or reach out to alumni.

See you at the top!