Skyline University Nigeria

IR Students Leads Round Table Seminar on the Role of Good Citizen

To ensure a sufficient grasp of the concept of Citizenship in Nigerian Democracy, students of the International Relations (IR) of the Political Science department of Skyline University Nigeria have initiated a round-table seminar to share expert advice on relevant national trends. The event with the theme, “The Role of Good citizen in Nigerian Democracy”, offered an opportunity for students to engage in lively, informal dialogue about important topics in politics, the international arena and society.

The event which began with a brief introduction by the the Head of Department of Political Science and Coordinator of the event, Mr Frid Illo was opened for further discussion by the presenters. The presenters, Fatima Abdulrahman, Ibrahim Bukar, Abdulrahman Mohammad, Maryam Nasir, Fatima Dandawaki and Fatima Zubair took turns making their presentations.

The presenters discussed at length, democracy as a concept, the nature of democracy in Nigeria in the 4th Republic from 1999-till date; Challenges of Nigeria’s democracy: Issues like corruption, bribery election rigging and lack of accountability and perspectives; Individual roles as a citizen in these challenges, how an individual can become part of the solution to the challenges in Nigeria; Possible solution to the challenges, amongst others.

The Round-Table seminar brings politics, education, health, business and an array of relevant issues together to provide students with an opportunity to debate and pursue their common goals.

At the close of the event, the students adopted a joint declaration outlining common priorities for the future of Nigeria, broadly making commitments to invest in, education, science, technology and skills development; Peace, Security and Governance, amongst others.