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Know More about the ACCA Qualification in Skyline University Nigeria

Since Skyline University Nigeria made public her status as Silver Learning Partner with the ACCA, which permits SUN to conduct ACCA courses for the students to acquire professional certification along with their degree Programme, there have been lots of enquiries about the ACCA qualification. Here is what you need to know about the ACCA qualification.

The ACCA is part of the university’s plan to increase the global availability of effective and innovative course delivery as well as offering to the student, first-class support to succeed. To achieve the ACCA qualification, students have to complete a maximum of 13 exams, complete an ethics and professional skill module, have evidence of practical work experience within a relevant role, etc.

When you join ACCA with Skyline University Nigeria, you gain a competitive edge that will help you attract the brightest finance and accountancy talent from around the world. As a student, you get access to our world-class resources and support materials – including our digital support and training, enjoy qualified tutelage, 24/7 library access, and conducive environment at SUN. This will help students get the most up-to-date, cutting-edge support and guidance throughout their studies.

The ACCA Programme will give students of Skyline University Nigeria an edge over other students and enable them to have additional qualifications which will give them an advantage in seeking career opportunities and managing finance in their business enterprises. The advantage of Students who took their ACCA qualifications during their university is that they get a head start on their journey to qualification. They could even complete all of their exams before graduating. 

While the above-mentioned benefits are important, the study options are so flexible that students can strike a good balance between studies and main academic Programmeme. Its syllabus covers fields such as taxation, auditing, law, business studies, professional and ethical issues, financial management, financial reporting, and management accounting. The qualification is designed to provide a wide range of competences and skills to the students.

Finally, the ACCA qualification is recognized all over the world. The ACCA has gained this strong recognition through building relationships with multinational organizations, overseas accounting bodies, educational institutes, governments, and organizations such as the World Bank and the United Nations.