Skyline University Nigeria

Knowledge of Business Communication Vital to Foster Good Relationship – Head of Marketing

Mr. Ahmed Bello, the Head of Marketing of Skyline University Nigeria, speaking during the Professional Skills Development Programmeme (PSDP) has posited that the knowledge of Business Communication in any establishment, can be the difference between identifying opportunities and getting important feedback from class schedule to real-world practice. He added that Effective communication can help to foster a good working relationship between students and staff as well as lecturers, which can, in turn, improve morale and efficiency.

The Professional Skills Development Programmeme was organized on 26th April 2021, for students of the University by the University’s Students Service Department (SSD). The Programmeme is aimed at helping students gain various skills that will enable them to tackle issues and problems effectively which are commonly faced in daily life. The PSDP is also designed to help students adapt to positive behaviour that enables human beings to deal with life’s challenges and situations effectively.

Mr. Ahmed, who facilitated the PSDP Programmeme, advised students of the importance of business communication, communications process, types of communication amongst others. He stated that the importance of business communications will help improve organizational practices, eliminate poor feedback between students and lecturer as well as business owners, keep the student informed and reduce errors of communication. “Effective business communication is essential for success and growth of every organization”, he added.

While appreciating the facilitator for the amount of work put in delivering the training, Mr. Nazim Islam, the Head of the University’s Students Service Department, assured the students of the commitment of the SSD in developing the students capacity towards improving their professional skills.

In his concluding remarks, Mr. Ahmed stated that the importance of learning business communication skills in universities remains valid due to the intense hands-on study, opportunity to get important feedback and make revisions as well as get real-world practice via internships.