Skyline University Nigeria

Microbiology Students Observed World AIDS Day 2022

Students of Microbiology Department, Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), have led initiatives to throw awareness about the importance of World AIDS Day. The event was planned and organized by the students with special features, including presentations by the students, drama, posters competition, seminar, rally and voluntary HIV Tests for both students and staff of the University. 

World AIDS Day is observed annually on December 1. This year’s event gave the chance for students to raise awareness, which drew a lot of attention on the University’s Campus, given the students’ participation in highlighting the growing inequalities in access to essential HIV services.

The students were actively supported by the Dean of the School of Science and Information Technology (SSIT), Dr A. Senthil Kumar and the Head of the Microbiology Department, Dr Sanjoy Kumar Pal, amongst other faculty, notably Dr Haliru Musa, Ms Hafsah Muhammad Ahmad, Abdulsalam Mustapha and Ms Aisha Turaki, Ismail Rabiu, Mr Abdurrzak Mohammad and Mr Ismail Rabiu.

While making his remarks at the event, the Dean of SSIT, who applauded the students for hosting such a life-changing event, stated that HIV remains a major public health issue that affects millions of people worldwide. He added that it is our collective responsibility to support people with the illness. “Let us do what we can to support the community to eradicate these illnesses”, he said.

The event was closed with a rally by the students on the awareness of AIDS.