Skyline University Nigeria

Oral Interviews of Great Moments in Skyline University Nigeria

So far, my academic journey has been amazing. I was lucky to be an active member of the student’s creative club, through the division of the Students Service Department (SSD). The creative club exposed me to so many career-building opportunities, including developing skills in creative content writing, being an eloquent speaker and along with a fabulous platform to launch my career, joining the creative club gave me friends for life. I met people from all over the world; I find them so different and yet similar in our goals and desires. Winning the election of the Students’ Union Government was one of the greatest moment of my life in Skyline University Nigeria. Getting the support of my friends, course mates etc. gave me one of the strongest feelings of support imaginable. Being a part of the student’s union government has helped me grow in person, build team relationship, has developed my communications skills as well as leadership character.

(HAUWA JANAN ALIYU, current President of the Arts and Theaters club AY 2018/2019, a member of Music and Dance, Cooking, Speaking and Sports Clubs, and the Student Union Government of Skyline University Nigeria)

Social life at Skyline University Nigeria started with my set. Being part of the various academic & non-academic clubs has helped me to build a teamwork spirit, developed leadership and strong communication skills. Through the various clubs like Speech and Oratory Club, the software clubs, the Programmeming clubs, the entrepreneurs club, etc., I believe that Skyline University Nigeria will do great things for current and future students. In the end, Skyline University Nigeria has become a home for me and I am proud to be part of the system that works. My best moment is being an active participant in the first matriculation ceremony. I just believe this is what a private university should look like.

(BILKISU MUSBAHU ABBAS, current Speaker of the Students Council AY 2018/2019)

Like many other students, I recall that joining Skyline University Nigeria was my first experience of being responsible for my own decisions. Believe me, it’s certainly a huge accomplishment and a huge weight off my shoulders. I knew the University is setting me up for that first great leap into the world because gaining this kind of freedom for the first time is a phenomenal milestone that I want to keep with me for a long time as I go out pursuing knowledge. As a returning student was an active participant in the fresher’s orientation. Being the primary point of contact with fresher’s students has given me the experience to cherish.


When I first joined Skyline University Nigeria, four years seemed like a very long time but it passes by faster than my anticipation, seeing that I am already in the second year of my academic journey. My expectation has been underestimated by the many fantastic experiences I have witnessed through workshops, students clubs activities, the many great friends I have come to know and more importantly, I have come to the point where Skyline University Nigeria is the ideal institution of higher learning. As a student, we’ve been challenged to think outside the bot for new initiatives. These challenges have helped me start up an entertainment company of my own. These moments for me are worth remembering.


I was an active participant in the recent breast cancer awareness and Google workshop held on the campus, which has helped me to build confidence in public speaking. I remembered the enthusiasm for the first lecture I had with one of the professors, was somewhat thrilling that I had to take the experience home with me. I came to class with my notebooks, ready to write down every point from the lecturer’s discussion. What I presumed to be a note-taking class turned out to be more of an interactive discussion with the professor interacting with a touch screen smart board’s projector system. My interest in the course was developed and that is a moment I carry with me everywhere. I also enjoyed Lecturer-students relationship in the university.
(Ishaq Lawal, member of the ICT Tech Club)