Skyline University Nigeria

Practice Productive Reading

Starting university or resuming school after a holiday is always tricky. Both statuses require calculated efforts to adapt to the higher education learning environment. For new students, the new concepts and ideas that the university teaches need a lot of time to understand and a lot of preparation while for returning students, going back to school requires a lot of psychological revamping.

Anxiety, stress and fear overwhelm new students such that they simply resort to reading when necessary -for informed tests and general examinations. This usually takes a toll on them as they tend to face low grades in their first academic year. It equally affects their overall grades that’ll as they dictate the outcome. 

These experiences faced by newbies are slightly different from that of returning students except for exceptional cases where students are battling with low grades. But, these sets are also confronted with problems of trying to remember most of the things they were previously taught. This is a relearning process. 


Because of the demands of the higher education system to foster knowledge production, reading has to be done not exclusively for passing tests and examinations but to inculcate and nurture productivity in the creation of new ideas. Hence, this is why students are always encouraged to read and understand the basics of their discipline or career path.

Essentially, practicing productive reading requires engaging yourself in the world of information about your subject area. As a student, you’d find it very interesting to have a deeper understanding of the ideas communicated such that the qualification you receive at the end of your stay, is earned and worth your effort.

For students and all reading enthusiasts, wander in the world of writers and researchers. Reading is beyond a short-term goal, it’s a lifetime investment. It aids your creativity and unlocks the doors of limitless opportunities – getting a dream job or a life-changing opportunity.