Skyline University Nigeria

Remote Studies – How Skyline University Nigeria Overcame the Lockdown Challenges

When Skyline University Nigeria went into the COVID-19 lockdown, following the statement issued by the National Universities Commissions in March 2020, the management of the university had to quickly switch to new ways to support students remotely. This was a challenge the university had to overcome, given the circumstances of remote teaching. However, through the support of the IT department as well as management expertise, the university was able to find unique solutions to enable continued student’s support in the lockdown. Some of these solutions are highlighted below.

Professional Skills Development Programmeme (PSDP)

Student soft and hard skills training has adapted rapidly to the COVID-19 situation in Skyline University Nigeria. Skills development is designed to prepare students to make a difference by creating opportunities for them to develop certain practical skillset on businesses and organizations alike. Students of SUN have responded to these training with positivity and resilience. Thanks to the students who remain committed to their projects and have shown a determination to learn it through for their career benefits.

Engagement with a virtual Instructor

In the past months, staffs and faculties of Skyline University Nigeria have been working together to develop engaging and meaningful materials through online seminars, training, webinars and other activities that have helped maintain students’ motivation amidst the lockdown. These virtual activities usually involve using interactive images and videos demonstration for students understanding of a subject matter. This has been particularly exciting for its effectiveness in the COVID-19 era.

Creative Solutions to Responses

With so much on the online platform, staff had to be creative with solutions to help students resolve their enquiries. The responses received has been exceptional and creative. As the management has observed that, the Lockdown has not really slowed down students of Skyline University Nigeria. But has helped them to continue to build their knowledge on the art of the platform through creative thinking.