Skyline University Nigeria

Renowned Photographer Trains Members of the Students’ Arts & Photography Club

A renowned Photographer, Mr. Sanjay Dutt Sharma, a passionate photographer with a strong inclination towards wildlife and birds, in collaboration with Skyline University Nigeria has trained members of the university’s Student Arts and Photography Club. The training with the theme “Bird watching and Photography” was held virtually on 17th July 2021, to show the importance of having a carrier in photography, how the cameras work, and what 21st Century photographers must know.

Mr. Sanjay, who stated that photography is a rewarding and satisfying hobby for millions of enthusiasts worldwide, explained the basics of light and how the eye fixes lighting, how to get the camera to catch what the eye sees, explained aperture in photography that controls the amount of light that can enter the camera, shutter speed, settings, exposure and exposure triangle in the foundation of photography and how to compute great pictures.

He defined bird-watching photography as the art of capturing individual bird as a representative of its species. Mr. Sanjay added that bird photography is a special photography skill that allows a photographer to watch the behaviors of the birds while anticipating what the bird will do next. Regarding his experience in bird photography, he advised the students to prepare themselves to invest in solid cameras with one or more long telephoto lenses. “Being able to capture birds from a long distance without distracting them is a major part of bird photography”, he stated.

Earlier in her remarks, a Lecturer II in the Department of Micro-Biology and the Coordinator of the Arts and Photography Club, Ms. Jyoti Rajwal stated that the training was in line with the mission that led to the establishment of the Club, to nurture young talent with creativity and skills as well as increasing their problem-solving skills. She appreciated the Guest speaker and trainer for making out time to attend the event, amidst his busy work schedule to the benefit of the students.

The Vice-Chancellor of Skyline University Nigeria, Professor Ajith Kumar V.V enjoined the students to pay close attention to the training as it will greatly benefit them and contribute to helping them gain additional skills in the field of photography. He appreciated the members of the Students Service Department for anchoring the event, while noting that the training was an opportunity for the students to learn from the experience of the experts in the field.