Skyline University Nigeria

SUN Basketball Tournament

School of Basic Medical Science students organize Basketball Tournament

Level 200 students of the School of Basic Medical Sciences (SBMS) at Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) have organized a student’s basketball tournament. The competition held on January 18th, 2024, was done at the sports complex of the university.

The competition was organized by a group of students studying leadership skills in the department of general studies in the School of Basic Medical Sciences (SBMS) who were assigned the task of organizing a leadership activity. The task was given to boost the capacity of the students in leadership and organizational skills by learning through practical activities.

Two teams vigorously contested for the trophy and gold medals in the competition. The team of the Dean of the School of Basic Medical Sciences (SBMS), Dr. Isa Usman Lawal, emerged victorious with a total of 23 points, while the team of the Head of the Department of General Studies, Dr. Olumide Ajayi, was defeated with 13 points.

In his remarks, Mr. Musa Muhammed, the Head of Sports at the university, said that the students have indeed shown remarkable capacities in organizational leadership. He said sporting activities are always meant to showcase agility, unity, leadership and collaboration and the students have exceeded expectations.

Dr. Lawal and Dr. Ajayi, who headed the competing teams, commended the students for their exceptional performances and advised them to continue learning leadership skills. They explained that learning is an endless adventure that the students must embrace to keep advancing in their careers.

The winning team was presented with certificates and decorated with medals.