Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University Nigeria Celebrates Outgoing Class of 2022 at First Farewell & Appreciation Party

Since its establishment four years ago, for the first time, Skyline University Nigeria has hosted a farewell and appreciation party in celebration of the outgoing class of 2022 (pioneer students). The opportunity to celebrate with friends and outgoing coursemates, as well as staff, was highly appreciated as the students tuned in to share in the celebration organized for them. The party was a display of joy and excitement. The class was thrilled at the chance to celebrate and capture those all-important moments.

The response from the celebrants has been stupendous. The result is even more so. Mohammad Abbator, one of the outgoing students from the Department of Management, while expressing his gratitude, stated that these incredibly important celebrations could not have gone ahead without the help of so many across the university who gave their time, expertise, and enthusiasm in part, that has brought about this important day. “I would like to hand out my esteemed congratulations to all outgoing class of 2022 as well as myself who are ready to move on to achieve further in life”.

While delivering his inspirational farewell address, the Vice-Chancellor of Skyline University Nigeria, Professor Ajith Kumar VV stated that this has been an extraordinary feat as the outgoing class of 2022 will be stepping into a new phase. He re-assured the students who were elated that Skyline University Nigeria has delivered on its knowledge, skills, and value-based education as promised four years ago while they were joining, that employers looked for graduates with good soft skills (interpersonal, leadership skills, communication skills), most of which they already possessed.

The Registrar, Mr. Haruna Aliyu noted that in life, one would get to a place of making difficult and important decisions, and relying on one’s wisdom alone might not be enough to navigate the turbulent corporate and business world. He highlighted the important things that will keep the students moving. According to him, Knowledge Update, Innovation, and Humanitarian Engagement – community service.

The party was anchored by Ms. Aisha Zanna, of the Department of Mass Communication, and Mr. Mohammad Abbator, of the Department of Entrepreneurship, all outgoing class of 2022.