Skyline University Nigeria

Cake and Ice cream socials 27-5-2024

Skyline University Nigeria conducts ice-cream and cake socials for students

The Students Service Department at Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has successfully conducted cakes and ice cream social for students at the university. The event was conducted on the university campus for all the students from levels 100 to 400.

The event was designed to encourage students to explore entrepreneurial paths for future success. Students brought several items and edibles to the university, which were patronized by the university community.

Earlier, the institution had established a Center for Entrepreneurship, where students participated in entrepreneurial activities. Some of the activities that have been executed by the center include the Greenathon, where secondary school students have participated in sustainable climate change solution options.

Also, the center has facilitated the Tie-Dubai event, which has allowed SUN students to participate in international pitching competitions with their counterparts from all over the world.

In his remarks, Mr. Trimisiyu Lawal, the Head of Students Service Department (SSD) and a lecturer in the department of economics, stated that the event is an important platform to realize the importance of start-up businesses as a catalyst to development in the country.

Mr. Abulwafa Sadiq Kassim, the Students Representative Council (SRC) president in his remarks, said it was a good initiative to help students realize their paths by having a clear focus in business.