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Skyline University Nigeria conducts professional skills development program for spring intake students 2023/2024

The Students Service Department (SSD) at Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has today, July 10, 2024, conducted Professional Skills Development Program (PSDP) for level 100 students in the spring 2023–2024 academic year. The program was strategically created to equip students with the right skills that will enable them to easily navigate their academic journeys.

In his remarks, Dr. Olumide Ajayi, a lecturer at the department of General Studies at SUN who delivered a lecture during the program titled ‘Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills’, explained to the students that teamwork is an essential skill that can enhance their leadership abilities.

Using practical explanations and the contributions of the students, Dr. Ajayi highlighted that group assignments and projects are purposely created to allow students to learn from networking with their peers. He said, “There’s always a need for teamwork because it is a catalyst for academic and future career success.”

He highlighted that interpersonal skills are showcased through effective communication skills. These are needed skills that will enable the students to work well with their counterparts, as it boosts self-esteem, he said.

He then advised the students to take part in various aspects of their assignments so that they could discover their unique talents. Furthermore, Dr. Ajayi stated that taking part in group-based activities is also important in enhancing students confidence for any given task.

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