Skyline University Nigeria

Cultural Day 2024

Skyline University Nigeria Cultural Day 2024

Skyline University Nigeria’s cultural day 2024 was nothing short of exciting and exquisite. As a tradition, the cultural day celebration done at the university is an opportunity for students to portray the different cultures within Nigeria, Africa and around the world.

Students and faculty invest time to ensure a top-notch replication of some salient and popular cultural activities that are obtainable elsewhere. This is usually to add to the knowledge of the university community and the general public, thereby instilling the need for cohesion and mutual understanding among people.

The event kicked off at about 4:30 p.m., with opening remarks by the Vice-chancellor of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), Prof. Ajith Kumar V. V. In his speech, he explained that unity in diversity is a well-known nomenclature that is absorbed by any community or group of people that wants to progress. The vice-chancellor emphasized that SUN is a community that presents wide opportunities to mingle with different nationalities. This is why it continues to stand tall in the heart of Northern Nigeria, specifically Kano State.

A fashion parade of different ethnic groups was the main activity of the event. It followed up immediately after the Vice-Chancellor concluded with the opening remarks. The extensive crowd, which included students, faculty, operational staff, SUN Brand Ambassador Yakubu Muhammad, and other guests, welcomed with a tumultuous embrace every ethnic group that came to showcase diverse cultures. Presentations of cultures were done by representatives from each culture.

The Ghanaian cultural display was the opener of the exotic display. Students and faculty from the department of microbiology showcased the beauty of one of the Ghanaian cultures, the Asante. With their neatly wrapped Ansante ‘ankara’ design, the green and yellow colors wowed the audience. They ended with the display of the Ghanaian flag and classic delicacies: banku, dukunu and their famous condiment, ‘tankwa’.

Cuban culture preceded Ghanaian culture, from the students of the department of management. With a touch of Caribbean culture, they showcased music and dance. The students told a story using a dazzling dance style and the release of flower petals.

Students from the School of Basic Medical Sciences (SBMS) gave a marveling exhibition of the Kenyan Masaai culture. The Masaai is one of the most popular cultures in Kenya, known for their high jump and spectacular dance. The students were hailed for replicating the culture in a unique way.

International Relations students gave a fantastic Sudanese show. The exhibition of their bride and groom, the sword dance and the adornment of the couple dazzled the audience to the max. While the females were dressed in their traditional wraps, ‘Laffaya’ and jewelry, the males used the notable white gowns and black tops associated with Sudan. Their display made the audience think they were in Khartoum, attending a wedding. The cherry on the sundae was their food display of tea and Arabian rice.

While the fashion parade and cultural displays were ongoing, vendors were by the side, entertaining clients with their different products. From local foods, drinks and desserts, the audience had a variety of choices to select from. Watching the mind-blowing cultures was better with mouthfuls of munchies, and sips of soft drinks.

The Niger culture was showcased by the students of the computer science department. In their activity, they showed how courtship and marriage are conducted in Niger. The students creatively displayed the importance of the emir and tea consumption in Niger.

Chad and Egyptian cultures were presented by the students of software engineering and law, respectively. The two teams performed their fashion parade and dance in exquisite styles. Egypt’s everlasting cultural activities were captivating.

The cultural day came to its apex with the arrival of his Excellency, the governor of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) and his royal highness, the Emir of SUN, after a wonderful durbar. Students on horseback had their parade, reminding the audience about Kano’s rich and unmatched cultural heritage.

The event closed its curtains with the announcement of the first, second and third positions based on the fashion parade. The Sudanese cultural display clinched the first spot, the Ghanaian was chosen as the second and the Masaai of Kenya were given the third position.

In all, the replication and presentation were mesmerizing and inspired the audience to learn more about the cultures available around the world.