Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University Nigeria Graduates 15 Physically Challenged Students of its Educate Community Programme

Skyline University Nigeria in collaboration with Site Savers and Kanova educational foundation Nigeria has graduated 15 students from its Educate Community Programme. The students, composed mainly of three different types of disabilities including visually impaired, hearing impaired and physically challenged, were awarded a Diploma in Computer Science.

The Educate Community Programmeme is a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of the university centred on the education and training of the physically challenged in society. The students were trained with basic computer skills required for self-sustainance and progress in their careers.

The graduation ceremony, which was held on Tuesday, 29th December 2022, was the second in the history of the university. According to the Course Coordinator, Dr Vijay Arputaharaj, the training in ICT, Managerial skills, a Business plan set-up, as well as Industrial Training is anchored on the university’s vision to develop the knowledge, skills and competency of all stakeholders.

The Vice-Chancellor, Dr Ajith Kumar V.V, making his address at the ceremony, informed the awardees of some of the landmark achievements of the University, which were quite remarkable in ensuring the successful completion of their Programmeme “We are happy to carry out this Programmeme successfully for the second year”, adding that computer science and it’s applications in MS office is very important for the future and career building.

Two of the graduating students, Auwal Ismail (Hearing Impaired) stated that Skyline University Nigeria is the only institution/organization that supports physically challenged students to visualize and learn computers. Another student, Abubakar Nura (Visually impaired) stated that the dream of many visually challenged students comes true when they come to Skyline University Nigeria, as they can find themselves working with the computer like normal people.

Other distinguished speakers who made remarkable contributions at the ceremony, were the Deans of various schools, (Dr A. Senthil Kumar, Dr Sudha Mavuri, Dr Isa Usman Lawal, the Registrar, Mr Aliyu Haruna, the Director of Academic Support Services, Ms Sarada Maganti, etc.