Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University Nigeria Holds Annual Iftar Party for All Employees

In the spirit of gratitude, inspiration devotion, and care, Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), has organized its annual Iftar (break of fast in the evening) party for the employees of the University. The Iftar which took place on 14th April 2022 was organized to foster fellowship with the Muslims and also to serve as a way for the management of SUN to show their appreciation for the people who make up Skyline Community.

The Iftar was held in the University’s campus garden to allow spiritual exchange, turning individual experience into a social experience. It also aimed to keep the employees connected amid Ramadan, spend Iftar with colleagues, and be motivated as well as reminded of the prophetic tradition of breaking bread with people during the holy month of Ramadan.

As part of the Iftar, all food and drinks were provided by the management. The menu plan includes fried rice, jollof rice, chicken, and shredded beef sauce as the main dishes. The side dishes include fruits (apples, bananas, and dates), vegetable salad, snacks (spring rolls, samosas, and meat pies), bottled water, soft drinks, and vegetable drinks.

It was a blessed event as everyone present, enjoyed themselves.