Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University Nigeria Holds PSDP Week For Students’ Sustainable Development

Skyline University Nigeria has organized a 5-day Professional Skills Development Programme (PSDP) for students of the University. The training Programmeme, was organized by the Students Service Department to present the next level of training for students, and keep them abreast of the latest trends of industry development, providing industry news and secrets, as well as promoting and appreciating soft skills.

The week-long training featured important contributions from facilitators of diverse fields, including Dr. Ajayi Olumide Ibraham – the Head of General Studies Department, Dr. Sudha Mavuri – Dean of School of Arts & Management Studies, Ms. Sarada Maganti – Director of Academic Support Service and Mr. Adelokun Adetunji Oluwapelumi – Lecturer II.

In their presentation, Dr. Olumide led training on Non-verbal Communication/Body Language, Dr. Sudha on Emotional Awareness and Ethical Mindfulness, Ms. Maganti on Etiquettes and Mr. Adelokun on Effective Communication. The presenters all made a meaningful contribution towards improving the students’ overall skills.

Being a tradition in the University, the training is organized twice in a semester and mandatory for SUN students across all levels in order to boost their learning capacity, increase their access to information and enhance their sustainability.