Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University Nigeria Hosts the Management and Students of Prime College

The Director Finance of Prime College Kano, Mr. Faisal Imam, accompanied by the Director HR/PR, Alh. Kabiru Sani Hanga, the Principal, Mrs. Sarada Maganti, the Head Mistress (Primary Section), Mrs. Anju Ganglani, Vice Principal Academics – Adeniyi Awofuye, and the Vice Principal, Mr. Emmanuel Odewande, explained the purpose of the visit; “Prime College is excited about the news of an international private university in Kano in addition to the government-owned Universities. This news to us is an exciting one and we’ve come to see for ourselves and to know the University very well because our students may seek our advice about Skyline University Nigeria. We want to be available to guide them with the right information”.

Having completed their tour, Mrs. Sarada Maganti said that the establishment of an International University in Kano will help parents reduce the cost of sending their children abroad for studies because the students get equal exposure here and it’s also important to stay close to the family to preserve culture. “Prime College is always looking for short diploma courses in IT, seminars, conferences and staff training relevant to education to boost the teacher’s morale and we are glad that we came here to see for ourselves”, said Mrs. Anju Ganglani.

The university tour which began with the management of Prime College continued the following day with the senior school students accompanied by the Vice Principal, Mr. Emmanuel Adewande. The aim of the students’ visit was to help them choose a university and the appropriate specialization available that suits the market needs.

The Students of Prime College Kano were well received as Mr. Kelechi Kalu presented a detailed introduction about the university, its faculties and specializations. He points out that Skyline University Nigeria seeks to open new and unique faculties and Programmemes according to the needs of the labour market at local, regional and international levels as well as the university’s unique services to the local community.

The SUN Head of Marketing, Mr. Shola Lawal added that SUN recently hosted Lebanon School and conducted a workshop in order to help them plan for their next stage in the educational process. With the visit, the students of Prime College will have the opportunity to check out the specialization and Programmemes that Skyline University Nigeria offers that suit their needs and goals in life.