Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University Nigeria Initiates Staff Development Programmeme to Give Impetus to University’s Quest for Excellence

In a bid to improve employee performance, employee satisfaction and morale, consistency, productivity and adherence to quality standards, increased innovation in new strategies and products, as well as enhanced brand reputation and profile, Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has organized a workshop for the staff of the university. The workshop with the team Staff Development Programmeme (SDP) was held on 17th April 2021, through the University’s HR department to give impetus to the University’s quest for becoming a leading world-class research university.

An International Relations Expert and a Lecturer in Skyline University Nigeria, Mr. Farid Illo, who facilitated the training Programmeme on “Conflict Management in the Workplace”, posited that workplace conflict management should be taken seriously so that team members can make progress towards accomplishing goals that need to be reached.

Mr. Farid sensitized participants present that the training will help staff to; use differences of opinion and conflicts constructively; use proven strategies and communication skills to prevent and manage conflict; understand the conflict management elements and how to improve relations amongst staff; know when to intervene and how to approach conflict resolution conversation in the office; finally, to get the root cause of workplace conflicts and prevent resentment from lingering.

He defined conflict in the workplace as a daily occurrence that can either propel or disrupt the momentum for a leader, a team or the entire organization. “The workplace can become a toxic environment when leaders allow conflict to fester rather than manage it”. On the subject of managing conflict, he stated that an important part of the process of managing conflict is knowing how to see conflict and when to seize the opportunity within the conflict before healthy tension turns into overly disruptive chaos in the workplace.

In his concluding remarks, he stated that success in life will require the knowledge and strategies of navigating through workplace conflict. The workshop was attended by the staff of Skyline University Nigeria.