Skyline University Nigeria

Intra School Competition

Skyline University Nigeria organizes Intra-School Football Competition

The sports department at Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has recently organized an intra-school football competition for male students at the university. The Schools of Science and Information Technology (SSIT), Basic Medical Sciences (SBMS), Legal Studies (SLS), Arts, Management and Social Sciences (SAMSS) and Postgraduate Studies (SPGS) participated in the competition, which took place at the SUN sports complex.

In the words of the Head of Sports at SUN, Mr. Musa Muhammad, football is a widely embraced sporting activity that unites youths in particular. Apart from the physical strength, there are numerous health benefits that are derived from football, he added.

The competition kicked off with the teams of SAMSS and SSIT, who played in the opening. Team SSIT won 1 against team SAMSS.

The SSIT team played against the SBMS and SLS team in the last leg of the competition. Team SSIT thrashed the joint team of SBMS and SLS with 2 against 0.

Students who participated in the competition highlighted that it was fruitful. They explained that such activities should be held at universities to foster greater harmony and understanding among students.