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Skyline University Nigeria organizes Team-Building Workshop for Cellopack Industries Staff

The management of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has recently conducted a team-building workshop for the employees of Cellopack Industries Limited at the SUN campus. The workshop was delivered by the Vice-Chancellor of SUN, Prof. Ajith Kumar V.V.

The session was done to expose the participants to innovative knowledge, skills, and capabilities in an engaging session to enable them to network and communicate with one another so as to deliver their tasks efficiently as a team. The workshop also included games to unveil the importance of team-building.

In his inaugural remarks, the Vice-Chancellor said the success of every dependable team is defined by specific qualities – Competence, Trustworthiness, Energy, People skills, Focus, and Judgement. He emphasized the significance of understanding the personalities of individuals so as to match them with the appropriate tasks and peers.


While delivering the lecture, he highlighted that there are two specific sets of people found within any team in an organization which are Promotional-Focused People and Prevention–Focused People. The first set are optimists while the second is stressed by short deadlines.  He added that organizational Success is guaranteed when these two sets are carefully identified.

The Managing Director of Cellopack Industries Limited Ms. Yashika Keswani thanked the management of the University on behalf of the team, for the wonderful initiative and hoped to invest the knowledge they have acquired to develop a highly competent and motivated workforce that will strengthen the overall performance of the team members.




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