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SUN students technical visit

Skyline University Nigeria students pay technical visit to Tamburawa Water Plant

Students of the Department of Microbiology and Biochemistry have paid a technical visit to the Tamburawa Water Plant in Kano State on 23rd November, 2023. The visit was to equip the level 200 and 300 students with practical industry knowledge that they would need to advance their careers and professionally execute tasks after their graduation.

Delivering his remarks, Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Pal, the head of the Department of Microbiology at SUN, said it is quite imperative for the students to understand the processes of water treatment as water contamination and scarcity are prevalent in the world today due to climate-induced crises. He added that exposing the students to industry processes will motivate them to come up with innovative solutions to solving water-related problems.

He explained that the Tamburawa Water Treatment Plant was deliberately chosen as it has the capacity to deliver 150 ml of potable water per day to the city of Kano and surrounding areas. The raw water is sourced from the river and treated using conventional treatment processes to produce portable water that readily exceeds the World Health Organization’s minimum requirements for drinking water. The raw water intake and pump station are situated on the south bank of the river. The water is then transported to the city after passing through the treatment process.

Mr. Abdulsalam Mustapha, a faculty member from the Department of Microbiology at SUN who was part of the visit, said the students have learned enormously from the practical experience. He expressed his certainty that the students would surely use the knowledge gained to help their various communities.

In the various responses, the students expressed their satisfaction. They said they have indeed seen the practical aspect of their studies and that they hope to embed the new information into their class activities.

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