Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) Hosts and Conducts Workshop for Lebanon School

Senior students of Lebanon School Kano on Wednesday visited Skyline University Nigeria. During their visit, they attended workshop on how to cope with examination stress, followed by innovation and creativity. They also found out more about higher education in general and gained insight into Programmemes offered at Skyline University Nigeria.
The visit took place between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm, and feature the following activities:

  • Welcome presentation/workshop
  • Students’ questions and answers session
  • Campus tour
  • Refreshment

The workshop was opened by the Skyline University Nigeria Registrar, Mr. Satya Vir Singh and then started off with Prof. Sanjoy Kumar’s presentation on the science of innovation and creativity. This was followed by Dr. Senthil Kumar’s presentation on ‘Coping with examinations stress’.
These presentations highlighted the fact that the ability to innovate and create has been observed throughout history and even though the fundamental tools may have changed, the ability has been prevalent in every civilization.


The campus tour, which began from the first to the fifteenth floor of the university campus, carried Lebanon School’s students through the SUN library, best study spots, Sports Complex, administrative departments, lecture halls, medical centers, ICT centers amongst others.


From the reactions and overall mood of the students, the conviction is that the students enjoined their day and created interest in attending Skyline University Nigeria for their university education.