Skyline University Nigeria


Skyline University Nigeria Toastmasters Club conducts meeting

Our students recently conducted their Toastmasters meeting at the conference hall of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN). It was a fruitful session that included a mock interview with our level 400 student, Fatima Shariff Ali, from the Department of Software Engineering.

Ms. Ali had an interesting interview session with Mr. Adamu Abubakar Ishaq, from Global Shapers Kano, and was rated high in terms of confidence and articulation in the words. In his remarks, the clone candidate, Ms. Ali, was able to attempt all questions by carefully weaving her past experiences with class projects and internships. He concluded that he was impressed with her performance and applauded SUN for providing the students with a globally acknowledged platform like Toastmasters Club.

Mr. Idris A. Idris, a software developer from Steamlege Limited, who was also present at the meeting, gave his feedback after the mock interview. He emphasized the need to use one’s prior experiences to tell a convincing story during interviews. He added that prior projects and team management are also key areas where students need to master before graduating from the university. He then commended Ms. Ali for her wonderful presentation during the interview.

Other attendees of the toastmasters session included Mr. Trimisiyyu Lawal, a lecturer from the Department of Economics at (SUN) and the events coordinator, Ms. Hafsa Usman, among others who delivered speeches alongside other toastmasters.