Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University Nigeria Will Maintain International Standards – Director of Academic Support Services

According to her, “the standard of education is changing, the world is changing rapidly, students need to be prepared for the global market and Skyline University Nigeria, having international affiliation is already structured to global standard and is keeping abreast of these changes and integrating them into to curriculum”.

Ms. Maganti, made this statement amongst others recently, while responding to an interview on ‘International Standards’ with the media team. “The university’s policy of maintaining a mutual relationship with leading companies around the world is a great advantage to the students. It opens opportunities for internship, training, and expected jobs after graduation. Students feel secure when they have the assurance of finding jobs with fewer hassles”. She remarked.

She affirmed that the university is proud of its international outlook and the variety of nationalities that can be found on campus, including academic staff, academic support staff and students across the globe. Keeping mutual relationships with these multi nationalities and other organizations gives Skyline University Nigeria a boost in students’ exposure to a multicultural learning environment.

Further in her submission, she says: “Research is often a result of piqued curiosity, and human mind is imaginative and seek answers to the unknown. Having students and professors from diverse backgrounds brings with it a wide range of intelligent materials that everyone benefits from”.

As a university, we have a long-established relationship with some of the world’s leading companies in Nigeria and around the world. Based on this relationship, 90% of our students are already establishing businesses through entrepreneurship training they receive in the university. “The university is confident that they become employers of labour, through entrepreneurship shortly after graduation and compulsory NYSC scheme”, Ms. Maganti agrees.