Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University Nigerian Conducts E-Training for Members of Ministry of Education, Kano

Speakers at the recently held two-day e-training Programmeme, of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), held on Monday, 7th to Tuesday 8th November 2020 has urged participants to develop a work-life balance for employee productivity. The online training Programmeme with the theme, ‘Enhancing Work-Life Balance During Tough Times’ was hosted in collaboration with Skyline University College, Sharjah, for the members of the Ministry of Education Kano, to support the future of work from home as well as demonstrate the importance of machine learning.

In her presentation at the two-day e-training, Dr. Kakul Agha, one of the guest speakers, who spoke on ‘work from home & enhancing work-life balance during tough times’, stated that there are more options than ever to enhance the workplace environment and remain productive. She added that a successful work-life balance will leave employees refreshed rather than frazzled at the end of each workday, making them not only better professionals, but better parents, spouses, friends, and community members.

Dr. Mohammed Afifi, in another presentation titled, ‘Introduction to BlockChain’, highlighted that Bitcoin is one of the first private Blockchain networks to prove that value can be moved anywhere around the world without banks or other third parties. He defined Blockchain as a decentralised ledger of all transactions in a network. “Blockchain technology can work with other technologies to change the business and work landscape. For example, a Blockchain can be used with smart contracts, so that partial payments are made when certain conditions are met without requiring partial human involvement.” He stated.

While positing that within the strategic process of organizational goals, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) must be consistent and set so that they are meaningful for the owning organizational strategy and goals. Dr. Paul Katuse, who delivered training on ‘Achieving Strategic Goals and KPI’S in the current times’ said the e-training will show participants how KPIs can be facilitated by using management frameworks such as the Balanced Scorecard. “KPIs can also be effectively monitored and measured to easily monitor organizational progression”.

Dr. Karamath & Dr. Alaa M. Momani, in their presentation on ‘Introduction to Machine learning’, stated that it’s in line with the pursuit of the objectives of the University on capacity-building. “Employee, he stated, would be expected to make use of tools such as Data, which entailed machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and pattern recognition”. He added that workplace employee must be able to match skills for greater opportunities.

While giving the opening remark, Professor Sudhakar Kota, the Vice-Chancellor of Skyline University Nigeria stated that initiatives such as this are one of the university’s corporate social responsibility. He welcomed the participants to the e-training Programmeme “Our core values is based on knowledge skills and value-based education, geared towards bridging the gap between knowledge and skills amongst the youth in Nigeria.