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Skyline University Nigeria’s Boot Camp on Leadership & Corporate Governance – A Highlight

Following the success of its first students’ boot camp in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), has led its second Boot Camp to the UAE for Government officials. The Boot Camp with the theme, “Leadership & Corporate Governance”, was organized in collaboration with Skyline University College, Sharjah, and featured thought leaders and delegates from the Kano State Government. 

The Boot camp which was a 7-day event was organized with a key focus on Knowledge sharing, networking, facilitating corporate governance through captivating presentations, industrial visits that will provide actionable takeaways and of course having fun while visiting sites of historic heritage. To kick off, The Boot camp delegates were shown, some of the practices that have worked for leaders, covering everything aspect of leadership and its numerous opportunities.

Aimed for breakthrough leadership, the boot camp was the start of an important learning journey, predicting emerging trends, explaining best practices and the biggest case studies tested amongst every delegate. The delegates were all ears during the seminar sessions and workshops alike, which played a key role in the delivery of functions, active mentoring and empowerment amongst other awards and recognitions.

To spice up the boot camp there was the need to unwind and relax with an audacious goal. The delegates had a great time engaging in the concept of corporate governance and how the efforts of individuals can contribute to nation-building, reminding the delegates that achieving good governance is not, after all, an impossible task.

Some of the benefits of the boot camp were seeing the world’s different cultures and opening minds to new things as well as new experiences about life in exciting ways. There were many other moments enjoyed about the boot camp and related training activities. One minute, the delegates were listening to an impressive lineup of expert speaker sessions from prominent faculty members; the next, they were taking part in an industry visit at IQ Robotics, Dubai Tour, and the Abu Dhabi Adventure, amongst others.

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