Skyline University Nigeria

Skyline University Nigeria’s Centre for Continuing Learning Commences Teen-MBA Programmeme

In a bid to create more platforms for teachers, students, professionals, parents and anyone interested in Teen-MBA to share ideas and projects, and enrich their global knowledge, Skyline University Nigeria’s Centre For Continuing Learning (CCL) has commenced its Teen MBA Programmeme.

The Programmeme which is organized for Pre-varsity schools kicks off on Monday 19th December 2022 with an inaugural opening and introduction of the facilitators. The Programmeme is an innovative education model available to all interested schools.

Participants will be trained on planning, management, marketing and financial concept in Business to attain the skills to demonstrate competency by preparing, describing, (defending) and presenting a complete operational business plan.

At the end of the Programmeme, participants will be able to draft a business idea properly, analyze the results of SWOT and PESTLE analysis for a chosen business, explore findings from DeBono’s thinking Hats for a chosen business idea, identify the right social media platforms for your chosen business and understand the basics of Nigerian Labor Law in relation to business

Instead of a university simply sharing information about its Programmemes, the Teen-MBA Programmeme allows university professors to give subject lectures to high-school students, thus providing them with a better perspective on what it is like to be in a university.