Skyline University Nigeria

Students’ Responsibility Statement

success. These roles may be geared towards the demonstration of academic integrity and honesty, participation in classes, labs and seminars, completion of assignments in a timely manner with attention to the quality of work, act in a manner that respects the university learning environment and any other actions that are favoured towards achieving educational goals.

Each student’s ability to learn and gain the best reward from his/her experience in the undergraduate journey depends upon an environment which is conducive to learning and activities which are consistent with the objectives of an academic institution. Hence, Skyline University Nigeria encourage students to be responsible in the following ways:

#1 – While the faculty is responsible for presenting materials, model certain values and mentor students as they develop, it is the students’ responsibility to take action for their own education and avoid making excuses when things go poorly because poor performance can be a product of inadequate preparation.

#2 – It’s the students’ responsibility to attend classes. When a class is missed, it is the responsibility of the student to make up the material, to find out if any work has been assigned and to turn in all the works on time. Students should not expect the professors to re-lecture. It is also the responsibility of students to do the reading, get the notes they may have missed and in general, do whatever is necessary to ensure that the classes missed are grasped.

#3 – When the academic calendar/syllabus indicates exams are due on a specific date, it is the responsibility of the students to keep track of such schedule. Do not expect the professor to remind you or check-in to make sure you are ready to take a test or exam. It’s not the professor’s responsibility to keep you on schedule; it’s your responsibility to be on schedule.

#4 – Finally, if a student was earning A and B marks in secondary schools, and find themselves earning a C mark at the university, the solution is not to whine, complain, or make excuses. Students should seek assistance and redouble their efforts. You are never going to whine your way ahead in life. Though the prevalence of this tactic in our society may indicate why it is the first option for many people, try working harder.

In line with the above, Skyline University Nigeria encouraged students to make decisions about how they learn best, through integrated technology that encourages creative expression of learning. By this, we create opportunities for students to pursue their interests and develop skills in a variety of ways. We don’t expect everyone to respond in the same way, however, we encourage them to model behaviors and attitudes that promote learning through defined goal setting and self-evaluation.