Skyline University Nigeria

Students Service Department Experts Identifies Recipe for Academic Success

students to increase their accountability to achieve academic success. These changes however, has produced a range of opinion on how students can improve in their academic performance. While there are many contributors aspiring students’ academic success story, Students of Skyline University Nigeria have been equipped with the recipe for success.

The responsibility of teaching cannot be left alone to those charged with teaching if we want to achieve the required outcome. This was the position of the Students Counselor, Mr. Nazim Islam and the Student Service Executive, Ms. Hawwa Kassim at a recent discussion with the Media Team of Skyline University Nigeria where they identified some recipes for academic success.

According to Mr. Nazim, the impact of poor academic performance could be far reaching and impacting. This could affect the measures of social adjustment, behavior, self-competence, and attitudes of a student toward studies. Academic failure can be a place of reckoning where students need to decide to make a dramatic change in their educational habits, a good review of their study habits and organizational skills in courses they are experiencing difficulty in.

The following are a few of the recipe gathered from the Students Service Department (SSD) that have helped students in Skyline University Nigeria to achieve great heights in their academic journey:

Get Help

Students should be able to ask any academically better friends, his/her lecturer, or the students counselor for help on any concepts they are having trouble with. Students who are experiencing difficulty in one or more courses may not be asking enough questions and may be avoiding asking for help from teachers and peers due to shyness or embarrassment.

Adjust Your Attitude

A student’s attitude toward a class or subject area is vitally important. If they believe they have no talent for a subject area, their belief system may truly affect their learning ability. Such students may in turn transfer blame to others for their poor academic performance. Students should instead, try to figure out what caused the failure. The point is not to blame oneself or others but to Instead take a step ahead towards achieving your Goal.

Develop a daily study time

If cramming all of your study time into a few long days isn’t working for you then it’s time to try something new and less stressful. Make time for studying every single day, with or without exams coming up. Students who experience low grades in one or more courses should implement a daily study plan that includes an additional 30 to 45 minutes a day. The extra time should be allocated to the subject areas of concern.

Take advantage of your university resource

There are no shortage of academic resources to turn to in Skyline University Nigeria, the library, the internet, the university’s students portal etc. finding a new explanation of a subject matter can make all the difference. Students should make inclinations about any leaning concept or formula they do not understand and then reread the information multiple times to help improve their knowledge. Reading the material multiple times can help the student because they may have missed key concepts during the initial attempt.

Finally, Students who have experienced academic failure can learn methods to help them overcome their learning challenges and turn low grades into impressive—grades. Students who have failed in one or more courses can learn how to succeed.