Skyline University Nigeria

SUN, A New Advance Means of Taking Education to Greater Heights – Dan Malikin Kano

The Dan Malikin Kano, Ambassador Ahmed Umar accompanied by the Fagacin Kano, Lamido Abubakar Bayero and his entourage were on Wednesday 20th February, 2019 hosted by the Skyline University Nigeria officials for the first time. In an interview with the university’s Media and Communication Unit official, Hajia Saadatu Baba, the Dan Malikin Kano highlighted his opinion and general notion about SUN. Excerpts…

Q: What was your general experience and observation of Skyline University Nigeria?
A: “Entering the University gave me the impression that this is a very serious institution with a conducive learning environment. My second shock was entering in to the facility, one could compare this place to other world class universities in America because of its world standard”.

Q: What is your position given the fact that His Highness, Emir of Kano, Muhammed Sanusi II is the Chancellor of Skyline University Nigeria?
A: “I believe it’s a very thoughtful idea to have the Emir as the University’s Chancellor. His highness is not only an Emir but as a scholar, he is someone who gives high premium to intellectual pursuit. So, I believe it is quite in order that he was given this executive position”.

Q: Given the fact that SUN gives scholarship, how do you think the public can utilize this opportunity?
A: “The University has started on a very good footing by involving stake holders, and of course the emirate council. I believe there is also the need to elevate public consciousness on the existence of the university and what it has to offer, particularly the catchment areas of the immediate environment. Not only Kano, but as far as neighboring states like jigawa, Bauchi, Kaduna etc. This is because whoever will visit Skyline University will have the confidence that his child or ward is in a conducive and secured learning environment. Hence they can be groomed to become future contributors to the Nigerian society. There is also the need to get more people involved through the use of the media to raise the consciousness of the university and the scholarship provided which will help tremendously to draw not only the rich but also the masses as well to join”.

Q: Skyline University Nigeria actively involves parents in the performance of their ward. What do you have to say?
A: “It’s an excellent innovation given that the university is notable for its achievement in Dubai. This approach saves parents the trouble of going abroad to see the progress of their children. Hence, they are actively involved because the university is now around the corner”.

He added that SUN can introduce some senior executive short courses in leadership, scheduled to hold in the evenings or weekend above the age bracket. In order to do this, he advised the university to liaise with the government, emirate councils and public community.

Through the university’s courses and Programmemes, other areas where people can derive immediate benefits through social corporate responsibility associated with academic pursuits can also be exploited. “I also want to emphasize the issue of research, equally important in academic pursuits to cover the huge vacuum in research especially because of SUN’s international connections”, Dan Malikin Kano added.