Skyline University Nigeria

SUN ‘Happy Hour’ – Promoting Staff Bonding and Employee Satisfaction

To encourage the spirit of staff bonding as well as give employees the chance to make happy memories with their colleagues, Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), on Friday 11th June 2021, organized ‘Happy Hour’ for staff of the university. The ‘Happy Hour’ was geared at promoting staff bonding, improve productivity, employee satisfaction, as well as encourage staff spends some time away from work.

By organizing the ‘Happy Hour’ event, the university is giving employees the chance to unwind after the day’s work. The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ajith Kumar V.V, speaking during the event, stated that the better the relationships between the staff and how happier they are in their job will increase productivity and employee satisfaction. He advised staff to take advantage of the opportunity to connect and have fun.

During the ‘Happy Hour’, apart from the presentation of awards and recognizing achievements, other attractions include; food and drinks, music and dance competitions, indoor sports competitions such as foosball, table tennis, video game, snooker, amongst others. Which also acted as a fantastic conversation starter and a humorous way to show appreciation for all the staff who make up the university.

Happy Hour 4

Happy Hour 3

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