Skyline University Nigeria

SUN Music & Dance Club Holds Talent Hunt 2022

As the 2021 talent hunt competition came to a close with awards for creative performance in poetry, music and dance, Skyline University Nigeria’s Music & Dance Club Holds the 2022 Talent Hunt Competition.

The 2022 Talent hunt competition was organized by the University’s Student Service Department, in collaboration with the Music & Dance Club of the University to explore many aspects of the creativity of students including singing and the use of musical instruments, comedy and creative speech, dance and drama

The event is part of the university’s move to increase creativity and innovation amongst the students as well as provide the opportunity for them to cool off after a strict class schedule. It as well gave room for the students to socialize with friends at the events that interest them in the university.

Earlier, while commenting on the talent hunt competition, Dr Olumide Ajayi, the Head of the General Studies Department and Convener of the Music & Dance Club, stated that the objectives of the event were to produce the best students and to encourage other students to socialize better. 

Skyline University Nigeria is not concerned only with academics but also with students extracurricular activities.