Skyline University Nigeria

SUN New Intake Orientation Kicks Off With Excitement

“The overall importance of a proper New Student Orientation Programme cannot be understated. It is the first chance to engage new students in the culture, expectations, and resources that Skyline University Nigeria has to offer. You’ve joined a community that is over 28 years old, first in UAE and later in Nigeria with Alumni who are top policymakers across the globe”, said SUN Registrar Mr. Satya Vir Singh.

Orientation provides an opportunity for students to learn about what being among the Skyliners is all about and gives them focus beyond the academic department or Programmeme they are joining. In addition to the Registrar’s speech, the Head of Marketing, Mr. Shola Lawal spoke saying that “students had joined a university that nurtures a vision for their future growth”. The orientation Programmeme connected new/returning students with their course mates, introduced basic concepts of education, and includes opportunities for academic counselling, getting acquainted with the Skyline’s environment and, of course, refreshment.

This year, we are particularly excited to inform you that academic support staff, as well as old students, were on hand to help the new students with their registrations, any question they may ask, guide them through a collaborative orientation experience and contribute to events throughout the Orientation.

The orientation exercise also gave an opportunity to returning students to acquaint new students with the vision and mission of the University as well as other issues of importance that may affect their studentship in the University.

Abba Abbator highlighted the important role that Skyline University Plays in the life of students. “I believe the main goal of the university is to facilitate a near perfect academic experience for her student. I want to talk about the joy of studying at SUN which has made me feel like part of the family. I believe the four years of my study here will be the best years of my life to move me to achieve my goals. I challenge all of you to have that winning spirit and mentality and I hope you all enjoy your stay here”, Abba added.

At the social hour that marked the end of the orientation, incoming students shared their enthusiasm about their new beginning at Skyline University Nigeria. “I’m excited about being in this vibrant intellectual community, I believe SUN will guide us throughout our study years as I’ve made a choice that would last in my memory forever,” said Usman Garba, an incoming student of Business Administration Department.

Musa Mohammed Musa, an incoming student of Software Engineering, sees the potential in taking full advantage of the university community “First it’s the comfort of studying in SUN, it’s also the student’s organization, and am planning to be part of sports”, Musa said.

Below are snapshots from the event: