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SUN organizes Professional Skill Development Programme (PSDP) for level 100 students

The Students Service Department of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has organized a Professional Skill Development Programme (PSDP) for the level 100 students currently taking their second semester at the campus. The session was organized to inculcate useful values in students that will help them have a fruitful stay at the university.

Mr. Trimisiyu Lawal from the Department of Economics and Dr. Nasiru Abdullahi from the Department of Nursing at SUN lectured the students on the essential skills that would support their careers at the institution.

While delivering his lecture titled ‘General Etiquettes and Team Work’, Mr. Lawal emphasized the importance of etiquettes as effective for achieving goals, maintaining relationships and building networks throughout tertiary education.

He states, “Politeness will enable your success as students. Attitude plays a critical role in learning and that is transferable to what you are likely going to do after school”. He explained that these basic attitudes are critical for a successful higher education career.

He adds that social norms guide our behaviors in certain ways and etiquette promotes teamwork. And, students have to restrict themselves from using derogatory or unbefitting words. With derogatory statements, no fruitful exercise will hold. The knowledge of these etiquettes applies to all kinds of engagements including classroom relationships.

Mr. Lawal highlighted some useful etiquette for the students such as clear and concise communication, mutual respect, resolving conflicts promptly and recognizing achievements among others.

In his lecture, ‘Survival Skills in a Tertiary Institution’, Dr. Abdullahi explained that higher education has numerous challenges. There are a range of skills and activities that will help students overcome what they will face.

Some of the basic skills that are vital for students to succeed in their learning at the tertiary institution include class attendance, taking notes, the two-hour study rule, and keeping track of your progress, among others.

Some students who attended the session expressed their satisfaction with the overall Programme and hope to apply all they have learnt.



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