Skyline University Nigeria

SUN Students Holds Cultural Exhibitions to Foster Open-Mindedness for other Cultures

100 level Students of Nigerian People and Culture, Skyline University Nigeria held cultural exhibitions to foster open-mindedness for other cultures while celebrating differences as well as common interests. The exhibitions gave students the opportunity to celebrate their cultural identities in diverse fashion. In the spirit of the occasion, students displayed talents and enthusiastic performance in a colorful style, including food and dance.

The event includes students coming together to share cultural delicacies and performances from many of the ethnic groups in Northern Nigeria, particularly the major ethnic groups in the north, including the Kanuri, Nupe Fulani and Hausa, part of which make up the University’s community. The students turned up in large numbers to try the food from around the different cultural groups.

Earlier, while making his remarks, Mr. Adetunji, a Lecturer II in the Department of General Studies and the anchor of the occasion, stated that the event was put together to celebrate, promote and preserve the Nigerian cultural heritage. According to him, Hours of practice were very evident in the polished performances of the students representing the diverse and distinct groups.

The occasion was enjoyed by everyone and the images below indicated how many students had been involved with the various cultural groups.

Exhibition 2Exhibition 3Exhibition 4Exhibition 5Exhibition 7Exhibition 8