Skyline University Nigeria

SUN Students Paid Technical Visit to the Technology Incubation Center, Kano

In a bid to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical exposure as well as learn something outside the confines of the university campus, students of Skyline University Nigeria paid a technical visit to the Technology incubation centre, Kano.

The visit instils immense happiness and excitement amongst the students because of the opportunity to learn about areas of their career interest and a great source to gain practical knowledge. It also acted as a learning experience and a great way to gain as much practical and technical knowledge on their areas of interest.

Technical visits at Skyline University Nigeria, are a complete package which aims at widening the knowledge of students. It is not just an outing organised by the University for fun. These visits are related to the university’s curriculum and are educational, so students get to learn things which are beneficial to them at graduation.

The students observe and learned how theatrical concepts are put into action, thereby aiding their practical learning, while being exposed to the real working environment and shown how things are done in an organisation. From the details about the companies to the targets they achieve, everything is covered in these visits.