Skyline University Nigeria

SUN Students Showcase their Public Speaking Skills in ‘Humorous and Table topic Speech Contest

Students of Skyline University Nigeria wowed the audience with their creative performance at the recently held ‘Humorous and Table topic Speech Contest’ of the SUN Toastmasters Club. Each year, as the tradition of the Toastmasters International, thousands of Toastmasters compete in the Humorous, Evaluation, Tall Tales, Table Topics, and International speech contests. The ‘Humorous and Table topic Speech Contest’ was held virtually on 14th September 2021 as part of the toastmaster’s tradition to expose the talents already within the students.

The contestants include Toastmaster (TM) Mahmoud El-Yakub, TM Aisha Habib, TM Fatima Yusuf, TM Mohammad Ahmed, TM Nihat Mustapha, TM Maryam Bawa and TM Aisha Zannah. The students were evaluated by other members of division E, district 94 Toastmasters International, who acted in the capacity of judges. The panel of judges comprised the Area 14 Director (Chief Judge), Mr. Bazallahi Muhammed, and the President, Emerald Toastmasters Club (Contest Chair), Mr. Alhassan Mohammad, who challenged the students on the depth of their capacity.

The competing students worked hard to make presentations geared towards improving human lives through innovative and creative ideas. The criticism by the judges and the support from peers motivated the students to bring their best to the table. For the Humorous speech contest, Mahmud El-Yakub took 1st place, Nihat Mustapha with 2nd Place and Muhammad Ahmad with 3rd place. For the Table topics-speech Contest Fatima Zannah Mustapha took 1st Place, while Fatima Yusuf Muhammad took 2nd.

Earlier in his opening remarks, Mr. Abdussamad Gobir, the President of the Gemstone Toastmaster club (Kaduna) welcomed and appreciated the students and judges for making themselves available for the event and commended their commitment to the event’s success. He congratulated all the participating students and advised them to put their best foot forward and focus on their ideas as this would enable them to go beyond their presentations.

Also present at the event were other members of the SUN Toastmasters Club, members of faculty and staff of the university.