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SUN Teaching Effective Committee conducts Faculty Development Workshop

The Teaching Effectiveness Committee (TEC) of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has organised an internal development workshop to empower the Faculty of the University on effective teaching pedagogies.

The session was conducted to enable the faculty to share their academic strategies and implementation challenges for the 2023/2024 academic year and learn from the successes of their peers. The presentations revolved around the theme “Empowering Educators: Transforming Learning through Sharing the Knowledge of Effective Academic Strategies – Prospects and Challenges”.

In his opening address, the Vice-Chancellor of SUN Prof. Ajith Kumar V. V. expressed his delight that the workshop is capable of giving attendees valuable insights on how to implement successful academic strategies, especially through peer learning and knowledge sharing. He said the event exhibited the right energy for the qualitative education provided by the institution. At the core of their activities, the Vice-Chancellor reminded the faculty to groom students by shaping their future eloquently. 


He then acknowledged the fact that teaching is a noble profession and charged the faculty to be role models and sources of inspiration as they prepare the future generation. He also tasked them with the responsibility of instilling basic etiquette in their students such as time management, emotional intelligence and self-discipline among others.

Delivering his presentation Dr. Isah Usman, the Dean School of Basic Medical Sciences (SMBS) who is also a member of the TEC committee, highlighted the necessity of segmenting the students’ level of understanding when delivering lectures. He explained that the quality of any effective teaching has a strong connection with motivating and inspiring students to learn. 

 In their various presentations, the faculty of the School of Arts Social and Management Sciences (SAMMS), the School of Basic Medical Sciences (SMBS) and the School of Science and Information Technology (SSIT), explained the various teaching pedagogies they have experimented and underlined their successes and challenges. Project-based learning and flip-teaching were among the methodologies that dominated the discussions. A total of 22 faculty members presented during the workshop.  

In her closing remarks, the Dean School of Arts Social and Management Sciences (SAMMS) and the chairperson of TEC Dr. Sudha Mavuri, conveyed her satisfaction with the presentations delivered by the Faculty concerning student engagement, assessment methods, technology integration, and differentiated instruction. Dr. Mavuri added that knowledge sharing by the faculty is essential to advancing the transfer of knowledge. She said it is crucial for the faculty to experiment with at least one teaching pedagogy in an academic session. 

One of the participants of the session Mr. Trimisiyu Lawal, a lecturer from the Department of Economics said he was successful in applying the flip-teaching method. He said he was inspired to do so after attending the TEC session that happened during the last academic year 2022/2023, where one of the faculty explained its significance in teaching.





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