Skyline University Nigeria

Supportive Opportunities to Nurture & Promote Students’ Learning at SUN.

In Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), there are varied supportive opportunities available for the students’ community. These opportunities are designed to stimulate academic and professional growth as well as provides a vibrant and supportive platform that promotes and nurture students learning, improve leadership skills, social responsibility, team building etc.

Some of these activities such as Students organization, Student Sports and Clubs, Community Service, Volunteer service, students part-time activities, SIWES Programmemes, etc. are focused on experiential learning and student’s involvement. They are also designed to help students to build connections and meaningful relationships at SUN and help them to find a sense of belonging, to get connected and try new things, embrace change and ultimately find new interests within the university campus.

Students Organization & Clubs Activities

The students’ organization is a place to get involved on campus. Involvement in students’ organization is a great way to get connected to the campus, develop leadership skills, meet new people and have great fun. While there are varied organizations to help you connect, here are some that may be right for you. They include Campus activities, Community development & Students Development, Programmeming, Orator, Software, Debate, etc.

Sports Activities

Joining the campus sports activities will allow students to engage in playing the sports they love while they undergo their studies at SUN. Examples includes foosball, football, basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, etc. Practice time, sports schedule, health checks, weight loose challenge, competitions and other updates about the Sports Department are available at the university’s Sport’s Department. Registration of these sports activities can be done through the university’s Sport Department.

Volunteer Activities

Apart from campus activities, there are other opportunities that are geared towards community development. Getting involved with volunteering services is a great way to acquire certain skills, experience and a way to give back to the society. It helps to improve student’s experience in various fields, as employers are more willing to employ graduates with working experiences. Perhaps you want to learn something new, gain certification, credentials and building skill, becoming a good team player etc.