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Tech is now a Commodity – Prof. Abdallah Uba Adamu

Professor Abdallah Uba Adamu, former Vic-Chancellor of National Open University (NOUN) and a media expert, says the great transformation of the Internet has enabled new platforms that are responsible for wealth creation, thereby replacing many informal forms of businesses and interactive engagements. For him, tech is now a commodity. 

According to Prof. Uba, the Internet has facilitated the explosion of information and greater access to information and supported interfaces more than ever before. This development made the National Universities Commission (NUC) rethink the existing communication curriculum around Nigeria and hence its review, he said. 


The media expert said this during the guest lecture he attended at Skyline University Nigeria where he addressed the students of the Mass Communication Department. He explained that media studies have changed over the years such that research has transformed to factor trending issues which the unbundling of Mass Communication seeks to address – B. Sc. Advertising, B.Sc. Development Communication, etc.

His lecture titled ‘Nurturing Psychological Safety amid Curriculum Unbundling; Navigating the Career Choice, Changes and Opportunities for Mass Communication’ addressed the use of the internet and other technologies, and how the film industry has radically changed. He highlighted new opportunities that have surfaced on the Internet which has gained wide recognition and embrace by the general public – podcasts, video reels, and YouTube videos. 

He adds that digital marketing has paved the way for more people to have a source of income and livelihood and this informed the academics to review the existing curriculum, to equip the youth with the right mechanism to provide engaging and informative content. 

Delivering the closing remarks, Bashir Usman, a lecturer from the Department of Mass Communication at SUN said, that Prof. is a bridge between the old and new generations as he excellently keeps up with recent tech trends. Abubakar Usman, a level 100 student and participant in the lecture said that Prof. is truly an inspiration to the upcoming generation – the Gen Z.