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The advantages of Summer Learning Programs

The advantages of summer learning programs

After a rollercoaster semester, our students at Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) are currently on holiday. The semester was bustling with a lot of activities in the institution, such as social events and guest lecture series for students to have a quality learning experience.

With the vacation period, the students have ample opportunities to engage in summer learning activities. It supports students learning by spotting and amplifying their unique skills and abilities. Courses such as coding, software development, graphic and motion design and other entrepreneurship programs can help students find an area of interest for future endeavors.

Summer learning programs and courses are best suited for students due to their short duration and flexibility. It boosts the confidence of learners as they are able to gain new knowledge at their own pace. This is highly significant to their academic lives, enabling them to ace courses upon their return to school.

Programs carefully designed for summer are available remotely and physically. With the advancement of technology and experiences gained from the novel COVID-19 pandemic, remote courses are greatly chased due to their maximum suppleness and opportunities to gain international learning exposure. Courses provided by UDEMY, Course Era, and YALI are just a few to mention. These globally applauded lessons are well curated for students’ personal development and academic performance enhancement.

Students who choose physical classes also get the opportunity to network with like-minded people and exchange information about personal development between and among themselves. Start-up hubs, computer institutes and other learning centers offer exclusive learning to students by making them proficient in their desired choice of courses with a short duration. The institutes present students with the chance to showcase and capitalize on the skills—public speaking, team leadership, and other artistic skills—during the duration of their programs.

Our lecturers at SUN often record enormous changes in the performances of the students that have engaged in summer learning programs during their semester breaks. Specifically, they point out public speaking, team leadership, emotional intelligence and other technology-based skills as prominent in their academic endeavors. With their right guidance, students gain lifelong knowledge that is readily needed throughout their careers.


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