The Right Questions to Ask When Getting Back to School

The Right Questions to Ask When Getting Back to School
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The possibility of getting back to school after such a long wait can be exciting, as the possibility of a much anticipated National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) deployment notice in Nigeria. What will one do? What adventures lie in store? What should one need? And how will it all turn out?

Applying for a university admission after a long time of graduation from Secondary schools is a huge life changer and can come with a lot of unexpected challenges. If you’ve been at home for some time now, since O level, and you’re thinking of going back to school, here are some questions to ask yourself before sending off that application.

Why do you want to go back to school?

Once upon a time, having O level certificate was enough to provide you with a comfortable life. But that time has passed now and it seemed almost impossible to get a good job without a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. Wherever you left off your education, irrespective of how long it has been, if you want to get back to school giving some of these reasons, that is, dissatisfaction with life, to open up more opportunities, to improve yourself, to set an example for others, to improve your job performance, to advance your career, to get a promotion etc. Please answer this question before submitting your university application.

Do you have a passion for the intended course of study?

This by far, is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself before getting back to school. If you are going to invest your time, money, and future into a degree programme, be sure you like it. Getting a Degree, is a huge commitment and will undoubtedly shape your career for the rest of your life. Whatever degree you choose to pursue, be sure it’s something you have a passion for and can imagine yourself loving for a long time.

How will you foot the bill?

Getting a degree is not a cheap endeavour. If you don’t have the finance to undertake such project, or don’t have the scholarship offered yet, it can seem frightening and may distract you in the cause of your studies. If you don’t have anyone committed to footing the bills for you, be prepared to take the cost on yourself. It’s safer not to make any decisions yet until one is sure his/her finances are secured.

Are you ready to become an adult student studying with teens?

Having stayed away from school a long time means that you might probably be attending classes as a non-traditional student, that is, one who is older than most of the people in the class and may not really fit in, depending on your age or the programme. Bear this in mind when applying, that you may be the oldest person in your class. Or you can consider other institutions of higher learning that are more experienced with adult learners.

Finally, the decision to go back to school after leaving school a long time is a tough one to make. Therefore, before you dive into a degree programme, it’s important to have all the answers to the ‘whys’.

Best wishes…