Skyline University Nigeria

The Start of a New Semester Marks More Than Just the Start of a New Class

The start of a new semester can be very exciting, not only for returning students but for the new students as well, who are looking to make a name for themselves. This fall semester 2021/2022 session, is indeed an interesting time to be a student of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN). Apart from the many priorities that students will need to juggle around, for different reasons, students returning to campus this semester have nothing to panic about.

The University has put in place, the right resources that allow and support students to achieve their academic and career goals. For new students, this semester may mark their first time living outside the comfort of their parents’ houses. Hence, there may be some confusion about how things are done in the University, where to go to get help and what to do, etc.

Collectively, individual staff members, faculty, and management play an important role in creating a safe and welcoming campus and ensuring a safe study environment. Students’ safety is top of priority as the University is always committed to providing the safest possible campus environment.

It is the responsibility of everyone, both at the individual and departmental level, to take an active role in looking after students’ safety and contributing to the overall development of the students.

Apart from the academics and extra-curricular activities associated with learning, some of these safety measures, such as regular hand washing/frequent use of sanitizers, keeping a distance of at least 6 feet from others and wearing a mask will continue to be some of the most important things students can do to stay safe, while they pursue their career studies.

Students are encouraged to get vaccinated and share their vaccination status with the University.