Skyline University Nigeria

The Success over Failure Mentality II

It is hoped that the study habits students developed at the University would allow them to strive in a fast-paced work environment. But doing well in school and life so much depends on the ability to learn quickly and combining not only their academic work but taking advantage of their learning environment as a viable option for networking opportunities that may result in a successful lifestyle. 

There are many questions and talks about who should be successful and why, how many students can start the undergraduate journey and would endeavor to learn the necessary skills before graduation, and how many students will do well in school and translate such learning and development to solve real-life challenges? Earlier in 2019, we talked about the success over failure mentality for University undergraduates and the benefits for people who can hold on and learn the secrets of success. See extracts below

  1. Success, in any field, is impossible without commitment. For example, having a first-class University degree takes hard work. If you can conceive of a life without commitments, then you are going nowhere fast. John Maxwell, in his book, “21 Indispensable qualities of a leader”, linked success to character building, where he said, that character has to do with inner qualities, that is, what a person is made of. It inspires confidence in others and how you deal with the circumstances of life tells many things about who you are –Successful or a failure.
  1. Just as success is associated with commitment, failure, on the other hand, is associated with fear. Failure is a self-limitation that some people impose on themselves. It is an illusion that you are incapable of achieving a goal that you have strived to achieve. To choose success over failure will therefore demand that you examine yourselves of the commitment you put into your work, school, courses, or clubs.
  2. Fear is one of those things we’ve all experienced at some point. In times of physical danger, fear can save our lives. However, there are times when fear isn’t real, but something we create ourselves. The mind is powerful and what we tell ourselves may influence our actions and reactions. The only people who never win are the ones who quit and the ones who never try. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time or tell yourself, “I CAN DO IT BETTER”.