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The Success over Failure Mentality

John Maxwell, in his book, “21 Indispensable qualities of a leader”, linked success to character building, where he said, character has to do with inner qualities, that is, what a person is made of. It inspires confidence in others and how you deal with the circumstances of life tells many things about who you are –Successful or a failure.

Just as success is associated with commitment, failure, on the other hand, is associated with fear. Failure is a self-limitation that some people impose on themselves. It is an illusion that you are incapable of achieving a goal that you have strive to achieve. To choose success over failure will therefore demand that you examine yourselves of the commitment you put in your work, school, courses or clubs.

Fear is one of those things we’ve all experienced at some point. In times of physical danger, fear can literally save our lives. However, there are times where fear isn’t real, but something we create ourselves. The mind is powerful and what we tell ourselves may influence our actions and reactions.

The only people who never win are the ones who quit and the ones who never try. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time or tell yourself that, “I CAN DO IT BETTER”. Success is inevitable for the person who believes and never gives up. Don’t give up on your dreams just because it gets hard. It’s supposed to be hard and it will break or make you. Fear will make you doubt yourself and wonder if it’s worth it to try one more time. In the end, it will be. Trust the process.

The success over failure mentality allows you to put aside your limitations and fears and embrace a life of productivity and commitment in whatever you are set to achieve. Here are some tips that will help you:

  • Learn to embrace change because the world itself is changing fast and technology is accelerating at rapid speed. It’s important to embrace these changes and adapt rather than fear them.
  • Truly, successful leaders and business people experience ups and downs in their lives and careers, but they always accept responsibility for their failures.
  • There is no wrong in developing a character for new ideas and learning new skill-set. For an imminent university graduate, picking one or two computer knowledge can set you apart from your course mates.
  • Keep a positive attitude because it attracts success. People generally want to identify with successful people. So, no matter how you feel, a smile in a day can help make a positive attitude.
  • The secret of getting everything you want at work and in life is treating people well, not trying to get everything you want. Be grateful and show kindness.