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The value of extra-curricular activities in higher education

The value of extra-curricular activities in higher education

In 2023’s final quarter, the founder chairman of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), Mr. Kamal Puri, alongside its Pro Chancellor, Mr. Nitin Anand, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ajith Kumar V. V. and other principal officers, unveiled the ultra-modern common room and gymnasium on the campus of the university. The activity introduced students to another exciting phase of learning in their post-secondary education.

Both the common room and gymnasium are fully equipped with contemporary equipment that is obtainable in the top universities around the world. There, students are able to participate in games like snooker, table tennis, chess and fitness activities, thereby networking with their peers. More so, it gives students the opportunity to relax and unwind before and after classes. This is highly important for their productivity.

In order to ensure both students and staff are part of the programs, events such as fitness challenges, cultural day, socials, and other sporting activities are imaginatively organized within the campus of SUN. For the success of the events, students and staff work together from planning to execution. These leisure moments leave indelible marks in the hearts of SUN students while boosting their soft skills immensely—leadership, teamwork, emotional intelligence, e. t. c. are often built through these.

The university has in the past also organized basketball and football matches where victors were decorated with medals for their outstanding performances. Such events are being graced by experts and professionals in the field of sports and youth development in Kano State.

At this time, the essence of co-curricular activities in postsecondary institutions cannot be underscored. The world is saturated with so much information. New information is generated at every second, leaving consumers, especially students, with the difficult task of sifting the information they want for their usage. With these co-curricular programs, they are able to relax and make informed choices.

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