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Toastmaster, Music & Theatre, Arts & Photography, the Latest Additions to SUN Students’ Clubs

Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) has continued to record success in the introduction of student-based intellectual and career-enhancing activities and training, which are some of the visions of the university. Recently, the Toastmaster, Music & Theatre as well as Arts & Photography, have become the latest additions to SUN Students’ Clubs, a sub-unit of the Students’ Service Department (SSD) to prepare students for future career.

The SSD is essential to the educational vision of Skyline University Nigeria, and without it, one of the educational visions of the university may not be attained. This is because SSD tries to understand the student’s needs and give them a shape to foster career experience. SSD, therefore, help to provide a fully integrated field of experience across students’ curricular and social lives.

Buoyed by the tradition of success for both the institution and the students’ community, the SSD is working with Faculty members to ensure a smooth running of the students’ clubs and to promote outside classrooms career experience. Mr. Nazim Islam, the Head of the SSD Department is heading the Toastmasters Club, an educational organization whose purpose is promoting communication, public speaking and leadership.

The Music & Theatre club is headed by Dr. Olumide Abraham Ajayi, a Lecturer I at the School of Art, Management and Social Science in Skyline University Nigeria. The club strives to be an inclusive community that provides its members with opportunities to perform, design, direct, and produce musical theatre productions as well as scriptwriting and masters of ceremony training on the SUN campus, to help the students make bold statements in today’s world. 

The Arts & Photography club is managed by Ms. Jyoti Rajwar, a Lecturer II in the Department of Microbiology. The club will be a major outlet of creativity for the students in SUN, to expose photography to the world and amuse the world with the innovative talents of young artists. The club will develop quality photographers/artists and establish a network between professional and amateur photographers/artists. In addition, it will organize many events, including field trips, photography exhibitions and inter-university competitions. 

All clubs in SUN are listed in the SSD department, which maintains a directory of clubs officially sponsored by the University. Students are welcomed regardless of their major, gender, sexuality, race or religion.

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Music and theatre club

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