Skyline University Nigeria

We will encourage innovation and creativity – SUN’s Registrar

What is Skyline University Nigeria’s mission in the nation’s educational sector?

Skyline University Nigeria’s mission in the country’s educational sector is to get recognition as a multi-disciplinary teaching and research institution where learning is driven by technology. The university wants to build a multi-cultural environment and encourage creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

What are the immediate challenges and possible solutions?

The major challenge particularly in Africa is that we adopted the minimum benchmark in education. We should take a cue from the world’s premier institutions by adopting the higher benchmark. Adopting the higher standard will allow our students to compete on the global stage and this will benefit the continent on the long term.

What is SUN doing differently from other players in the educational sector?

We have put in place mechanism to prepare our students for the industry. Our training on entrepreneurship and other self-development Programmemes will be of huge benefit to the students.

Finally, where do you want SUN to be in the next five years?

We want to be known for quality education. We want Skyline University Nigeria to be one of the top universities in Nigeria and beyond. That’s our collective goal.